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Privacy policy


This privacy notice sets out how we collect and process the information from which you can be identified directly or indirectly whilst browsing https://www.game7sportswear.com/

as well as when you interact with our different platforms (i.e. social media) using your personal data.

The data protection officer for Game7 Ltd. is Gary Bierton. For any general enquiries, raising a complaint, or requesting deletion of your personal data please contact contact@game7sportswear.com.

What personal data does Game7 Ltd. collect and use?

Laid out below are the key categories of personal data we collect, either directly or indirectly from you.

Identity Info

  • Name
  • e-mail address
  • password
  • gift card codes (that are assigned to you)

This information is used to verify your identity.

Contact Info

  • Phone number
  • Shipping and billing address
  • e-mail address, social media handle, any communication channel you have contacted us for information.

This information is used to contact you for multiple reasons depending on the purpose laid out below.

Location Info

  • IP Address

This information is used to provide an experience relevant to your location – i.e. display the website in another language.

Purchase Info

  • Shopping cart (ordered items)
  • Delivery details
  • Shipping and billing address
  • Customer order number
  • Purchase History with Game7.
  • Transaction ID
  • Any other information related to a purchase

This information is used to fulfil your order

Behavioural and Profile Info

  • Your shopping history
  • Wishlist items
  • Browsing behaviour
  • Browsing preferences
  • Shopping preferences

This information is used to improve understanding of our customers and send marketing messages that contain products that we think you might be interested in as a result.

Device Info

  • What type of device you are using i.e iPhone 6
  • What browser you are using to access the website i.e. Firefox
  • IP Address
  • Date and time of visit
  • How long you stayed on the site for
  • Referral URL’s
  • Website pages visited

This information is used for network security purposes and to monitor the technical performance of the website.

Customer Service Info

  • Any communication with Game7 Ltd. personnel regarding an order, complaint or enquiry

Preference Info

  • Language
  • Wishlist items
  • Preferred shipping address
  • Browsing preferences i.e. setting 100 products to display on a page
  • Order history
  • Our correspondence with you

This information is used to provide as much convenience to your website experience as possible.

What does Game7 Ltd. do with your Personal Data and why?

Laid out below is a list of purposes for your personal data, the legal basis for doing so, how it is processed, how long we keep it for and, where applicable, any 3rdparty recipients of this data.

  1. Website operations

To run the website domain and fix technical/bug errors to ensure the correct website experience we screen all traffic to our site and analyse the data that is received via our servers. We use cookies and tags to collect device, identity and behavioural information in this instance. The legal basis for doing so is our legitimate interest, and this data is retained for the duration of your browsing session.

  1. Sales

To process your order, comply with our ‘Purchase’ terms including invoice processing, delivery, exchanges and refunds, and click and collect services. The legal basis for doing so is Performance of Contract, and this data is retained for the duration of the contract, and statutory limitation period.

3rdparty recipients:

  • Delivery partners
  • Payment processing providers
  • IT Cloud Solution providers
  1. Network Security

To prevent security threats, detect unusual activity, and protect the domain and site visitors from unauthorised access we screen all traffic to the website, and compare it with other available information, such as the credentials you have provided directly to Game7 Ltd. We use cookies and tags to collect device, identity, and behavioural information in this instance. This data is retained for the duration of your browsing session.

  1. Electronic Delivery Tracking

This is a service provided on request of the consumer by our delivery partners. With your consent there is the option to track your delivery using services provided by our partners. The service is hosted by the Delivery Partner, and the processing of your personal data for this process should be taken from their privacy notice. The legal basis for this is consent, and the retention period is determined by our delivery partner.

3rdparty recipients:

  • Delivery partners
  1. Customer Service

To respond to questions and concerns through the communication channels made available. The legal basis for this is our legitimate interest and this data is retained from the statutory limitation period, in case of any legal dispute.

3rdparty recipients:

  • CRM Provider (GSuite)
  • Delivery partners
  • Payment processing providers
  • IT Cloud Solution providers
  1. Personalised marketing messages (via e-mail)

To send marketing messages to the email address you provide to us during a purchasing contract of products we think you might be interested in. This requires us to collect different categories of Personal Data. We use different analytics tools to understand your behaviour and to understand the success of messages that were delivered to you. The legal basis for this is Consent. This data is retained for as long as you do not object to us processing your Personal Data for marketing purposes. We use cookies, tags and pixels to collect identity, location, purchase, behavioural, device and preference information where available.

3rdparty recipients:

  • E-mail marketing support providers
  • IT Cloud Solution providers
  1. Targeting marketing on 3rdParty Platforms

To send marketing messages via platforms such as Facebook and Google that are targeted to you based on browsing behaviour. The legal basis for this is Consent. We use cookies, tags and pixels to collect identity, contact, location, purchase, behavioural, device and preference information where available. This data is retained until you withdraw consent.

3rdparty recipients:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • IT Cloud Solution providers
  1. Legal Obligation

To comply with any legal requirements to provide your Personal Data for national and public security reasons, crime prevention, investigation and prosecution, anti-money laundering, judicial proceedings, protection of other individuals rights and freedoms, and enforcement of civil claims. We will provide information as requested by the authorities, so long as we are satisfied that the request is mandated by law.

3rdparty recipients:

  • Local and national government authorities, including tax authorities
  • Local and national law enforcement
  • Local and national judiciary
  1. Collecting your device information on our website using cookies, pixels and tags

When you visit the website data collectors i.e. cookies are stored in your browser containing certain information about your current browsing session. These data collectors also allow the website to remember preferences (such as logins or page view settings) over a period of time to provide convenience. Cookies are used for multiple purposes, and this means they also have different legal bases depending on the context. The information below puts the use of cookies into three distinct categories.

Required Cookies

This concerns the basic operation and functionality of the website. We store a unique identifier to identify you as a unique visitor and therefore provide a consistent service, for example, remembering products that have been added to basket. The legal basis for this is our legitimate interest. The data is stored for the duration of your browsing session.

Functional Cookies

These cookies allow us to improve website performance by analysing key data collected from you. This includes web analytics improving the functionality and design of the website, affiliate tracking to assess the performance of marketing campaigns, as well as other advertising metrics such as response rates helping us to improve the effectiveness of ads we’ve ran on other websites.

Marketing Cookies

These cookies provided by advertising partners ensure messaging is shown at the correct time and place. They are persistent but time-limited and contain a unique key to distinguish individual browsing behaviour, using an identifier store by our partners, which is not decipherable in our own system. The legal basis for this is consent and the data is stored for the session, or as long as you do not clear your browser cookie setting. We use this cookie to collect location, behavioural and profile information.

3rdparty recipients:

  • Data Analytics Providers
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Targeted Marketing Providers
  • Website Administration Support Providers

You can change the settings in your browser to prevent certain cookies from being stored without your explicit consent. You can also delete your cookies. Please see the following references for browser specific guides:

Internet Explorer:https://support.microsoft.com/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies





Adobe (flash cookies):http://www.adobe.com/privacy/policies/flash-player.html


These websites will also help you understand more about how Cookie-based advertising works and how you can manage your Cookie Settings:



Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page:http://optout.networkadvertising.org/?c=1

You can learn more about the laws governing the use of “Cookies” here: http://ec.europa.eu/ipg/basics/legal/cookies/index_en.htm

What happens when your personal data is transferred outside of the EU?

Depending on the activity, your Personal Data is shared with different recipients. Where the receipient is located outside the EU/EEA our vendors are certified and compliant with the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework

How is your personal data secured?

We have implemented organisational and technical measures to address the risks of using your personal data including loss, alteration or unauthorised access. We have required our service providers to do the same through contractual agreements. However, it should be noted that any transmission of your Personal Data through the Internet is at your own risk. We can only protect your personal data when we have it.

Your rights and how they can be exercised…

  1. Getting a copy of your Personal Data

You have the right to obtain a copy of your Personal Data, providing it does not have a negative effect on other people. You can access your data by e-mailing contact@game7sportswear.comwith the subject line ‘My Data’.

  1. Accessing information about your Personal Data. You have the right to know…
  1. Whether or not we use your Personal Data
  2. Why we have your Personal Data
  3. What categories of data we have
  4. What we do with your Personal Data
  5. Who has access to your Personal Data
  6. How long we are keeping your Personal Data
  7. How we accessed your Personal Data if you didn’t provide it directly
  8. Where your Personal Data might be transferred to
  9. Your rights under applicable laws and the possibility to restrict processing
  1. Ensuring your Personal Data is correct

You have the right to make sure your details are accurate

  1. Delete your Personal Data

You have the right to ask to delete your Personal Data if we no longer need it for another specific requirement, if you withdraw consent provided or if you have an objection to the use of your Personal Data based on the legitimate interests we have identified.

  1. Restrict how your Personal Data is used

You have the right to stop us from doing certain things with your Personal Data when:

  1. a) You don’t think we are using the correct data
  2. b) You don’t want us to delete your data but also believe us to not be complying with the law
  3. c) You want to make a legal complaint, but we wish to delete the data
  4. e) You wish to challenge our definition of ‘legitimate interest’

When you successfully restrict how we use your Personal Data, it will only be processed either with your consent, or if it is required by law.

  1. Obtain a portable file so you can share it with another company

You have the right to obtain a portable file that contains the Personal Data you provided to us where the legal basis is either consent or the performance of contract. This will provide you with the Personal Data you actively and knowingly provided, including data passively obtained by us when you use our services. Please contact contact@game7sportswear.com with the subject line ‘Please provide a portable Personal Data file’.

  1. Withdraw consent

When we use your personal data based on your consent, you have the right to change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time. You can manage your preferences in ‘My Account’

  1. Object to the processing of your Personal Data based on ‘Legitimate Interest’

You have the right to disagree and stop us from processing your Personal Data for this purpose. We may have valid cause to continue your Personal Data even in the light of your objection. In such cases we will provide this reason. We will respect your objection where it is related to direct marketing purposes.

  1. File a complaint with your local data protection authority

If you are not happy with how we have handled your Personal Data, or how we have responded to your rights provided here, you have the right to make a complete again us to your local authority following this link: https://edpb.europa.eu/about-edpb/board/members_en


We review and periodically update the Privacy Notice to reflect any changes made to our day to day operations. We will notify you when any significant changes are made that you need to be aware of.

Data Recipients

Below is a list of recipients who process your Personal Data under Data Controllers’ instructions below.

Googe Cloud – Website Hosting

Braintree (Paypal) – Payment Processing

Dotsquares – Website Development

Google Analytics – Website Analytics

DHL, Royal Mail, UPS – Product Delivery

Mailchimp – Email marketing services + Transactional emails

Facebook (including Instagram) – Social Media interaction